WE ….for Valentine’s


Come February 14th and it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just like we have friendship day, Mother’s Day, father’s day, hug day, kiss day and other lesser known days like earth day and doctors day, we have Valentine’s Day dedicated to love. It’s more about an outward display of love and attention rather than sharing true feelings.

On seeing people doing crazy things and going on a spending spree, you are forced to think: what is the true essence of Valentine’s Day? What do you mean by Love? What does it mean to celebrate love on a given day each year?

I think we’ve got it wrong! We’ve commercialised love, we consider a fanciful exchange of gifts, cards, flowers and chocolates as love. Add to it an undivided attention for a few hours, a date or an outing, maybe a dinner and we are ecstatic, It becomes the scale by which we judge the amount of love we receive. We expect our partners to similarly reciprocate or we are doomed.

brown bear plush toy holding red rose flower

Coming back to the original question what is the essence of Valentine’s Day ? I think Valentine stood for love in the face of adversity. Love not only for your partner but for each human being, for nature, for animals and most importantly for the creator. When we say love, it goes much beyond the physical and emotional love that we talk of. Love is about sharing and caring, Listening and understanding , holding and supporting, giving and sacrificing.

It would take a great deal of contemplation to understand the true meaning and depth of this wonderful phenomenon we call love.

For me love is the feeling of connectedness between souls, not necessarily only humans.

Today morning I saw my spouse feeding a stray pup, you could see the happiness on both their faces. For me that is love.

Yesterday he was so happy when his dad won a carrom tournament, It’s love. Teasing mom and enjoying her anger is love.

Taking our staff for an outing and laughing with them is love. Tending to my garden and giving extra care to the delicate ones is love. Praying for our dying patients and feeling their pain is love. Listening with attention to a friend in trouble is love.

Celebrating each present moment in whatever situation you are is the epitome of love.

Having said that I am not against having fun for a day. Ultimately enjoying is also a part of life. Yes go out , buy gifts, shower flowers but don’t limit it to a day. Do it more often, do it from within rather than for displaying on social media. Valentine’s Day should be treated as a symbolic day, when we renew our love and our lives instead of equating it with a display of love gimmicks.

red roses close up photography

As someone has rightly said ‘ Love is the queen of all cures’ So Love truly, love deeply and touch the lives you are connected to and you will surely feel uplifted.


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zarna desai

Hello I'm Dr Zarna Desai an Ophthalmologist by profession and a writer by heart

11 thoughts on “WE ….for Valentine’s”

  1. Excellent beginning Zarna!
    You have very well written ‘The true Esense of Valentine’s Day ‘
    Keep penning, Kudos to you. Good luck for your future write-ups. I look forward to your next article.

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